Have you noticed that people are different?

Have you ever tried to “change” someone to be more like you “think” they should be?

If so, how did that work out for you?

Marilyn Moon Mansfield, a certified personality trainer with 20-plus years of elementary and secular teaching, training, and speaking experience, demonstrates effective techniques to overcome some of the most difficult relationship obstacles; the ability to communicate with those that are “wired” differently than ourselves!

With humor and inspiration, Marilyn shares how we were prewired with certain behavior patterns and tendencies. Her teaching will equip you with knowledge which can be applied from the bedroom to the boardroom, from the pre-school to the retirement home. This life-changing message will supply you with tools needed to immediately enhance all your relationships, personally and professionally.

Attend one of Marilyn’s presentations and you will learn:

  • how to determine your own personality.
  • the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type.
  • understanding other’s personality types.
  • the role of relationships in work and family environments.
  • how to communicate to and from the four personalities.
  • the role of spiritual characteristics and gifts in personalities.
  • methods to bring out the best in your personality.
  • techniques to better understand youth and children’s personalities.
  • the emotional needs of personalities.
  • marital personality conflicts and balance.

The Personalities

No single personality type is right or wrong, they’re just DIFFERENT! Everyone is a blend of different personality types, but we all have one area where we are dominant. Which one describes you best?

Loves to Do Things Right.

“Perfect’s” natural role is that of an Analytical Processor who focuses on details. The question they need answered is:

“HOW” – How do we arrive at the desired goal?

Loves to Be in Charge.

“Powerfuls” have a natural tendency to be leaders that focus on results. The question that they need answered is:

“WHAT” – What are the goals, end results desired?

Loves to Live in Harmony.

“Peacefuls” naturally assume the role of a support person that focuses on creating harmony. The question they need answered is:

“WHY” – Why is this necessary?

Loves to Have Fun.

“Playfuls” naturally enjoy variety and excitement. They motivate others with encouragement.  The question they need answered is:

“WHO”  – Who is involved?  Who will I be working with?  Who wants to know?

What People are Saying about Marilyn’s Classes

Marilyn Mansfield delightfully presents Communication Keys in an educational and entertaining format that fully engaged our staff.  After her presentation our staff not only felt we knew each other better, but were much more supportive of each individual person while being much more unified as a team through understanding our strengths and weaknesses and how to complement each other in the workplace.

Carolyn Cline, CEO & President at Involved for Life, Inc. and Executive Director at Downtown Pregnancy Center, Dallas, TX

I highly recommend Marilyn Mansfield’s teaching to any group who is interested in learning how to build effective, collaborative teams with each member contributing according to  their natural personality strengths.  Marilyn recently shared her insights on personality with our Women’s Leadership training class.  She guided the group through materials and discussions that enabled each participant to understand their own unique personality type, its strengths, its struggles and its communication style.  We learned how to “speak the language the listener understands” which will help us become more effective communicators.  Marilyn’s presentation offered practical tips for things to consider when building a team and how to select members to fit key roles.   Her own style is engaging, encourages lively class interaction and delivers a message packed with valuable content.  Your group will learn from and enjoy taking time to explore more about personalities with Marilyn.

—Sue Groenteman

I was in charge of getting the speaker for our annual Women’s Fall Dinner at our church.  I knew we had hit a homerun even before the night of the dinner as we had more rsvp’s than we ever had before.  Marilyn’s credentials along with her topic, “Why Can’t People Hear Me”, were a huge draw and the BEST part—No One was disappointed!  Marilyn did more than meet our expectations.  She touched everyone in the room with thought provoking anecdotes that allowed all to identify and be part of her story.  Everyone left with something of value to immediately put to use in their daily life.

—Rebecca Davis, FUMC Coppell, TX

Marilyn Mansfield is an excellent resource for our Women to Women Ministry at First Baptist Dallas.  While difficult to express all the ways she is so I am honored to mention a few.

  • Her loyalty to serve God in this place is exemplified by her response to speak when I ask her to do so.
  • Her flexibility and resourcefulness allows me to ask her to speak on just about any topic or theme.
  • Her experience in training with the personalities allows us to use her in all levels of our Women’s Leadership Training program.
  • Her vision and discernment give us opportunity to listen and dream with her on our Vision Casting team.
  • Her compassion and mercy reminds me personally to love and pray for everyone God places in my ministry path.

I’ll stop for now, but suffice it to say Marilyn goes beyond our great friendship and serves God beside me and for my blessing.

—Pam Brewer, Director, Women to Women Ministries - First Baptist Church Dallas

A Little More About Marilyn

Marilyn lives in Dallas, TX with her husband of 33 years, Steve.  They have one daughter, Meredith Grace. She holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Education, and has been certified as an Advanced Trainer in Personalities by CLASSeminars.

Once you meet Marilyn, You’ll know right away what her personality is. Hint: she likes to have fun!


Get in Touch.

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